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Monday, May 23, 2011

Teach Me Your Ways.

I like to go to this catholic chapel to pray.  Often.  I am not a catholic, but since protestant churches are locke during the week, prayer chapels make a real nice option.

I have been going for years.

I know that I can pray at home, but going someplace, away from all the distractions like another load of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, any chore, that though important and not terrible, definite distractions.

ANYWAY, today, when I went, I had this book to meditate on that my friend gave me.  I read all of almost 5 pages in over an hour.  Yes, I know how to read quite proficiently.  But it was one of those meaty books, that you constantly have to stop and think about, meditate, pray for,  be challenged by, and reread because you just didn't like the teaching the first time, you reread it to make sure you can't find loop holes to crawl through, though it is Truth.  Painful, but good.

It has been a long tough almost 6 years in my life.  I am tired, and sometimes I think I am done.

And then I RUN, don't walk to prayer.

GOD is good, all the time.  In Psalm 23, David talks about the journey of pain and deep struggle as he speaks of the Valley of the shadow of death.  And he makes it a point to say ... 'for You are with me, Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.'  It is not a pie in the sky, no troubles, no heartaches life he talks about...it is " MAN this stinks, but I know you are walking with me, though no one else is, or wants to."

I love my time alone with HIM.  I crave it.  I seek to learn HIS ways.  Even when I don't like them.

And tough I fail HIM time and time again, He has never failed me.  Not during the times of tears, heartache, or anger.  Not during the high life of selfishness on my part, not during the valley years.

Teach me your ways my Precious Jesus, and help me to not just hear, but do.

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Debz said...

ahhhh your singing my song again sista......amen to that!