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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mrs Bossy Pants

At dinner tonight, Elena was being Miss Bossy Pants.


She really is a delightful child.

And she is a joy.  Her laughter can pull anyone's bad mood out of the rain.

She is helpful and hard working.  And yes, she even asks for MORE school work because she enjoys it.

But when she wants something done, or she thinks someone is in the wrong... she will let you know loud and clear.

I am trying to make believe that it is in her DNA, so that I can have no responsibility over it.  She gets it from ...well. you know...her biological DNA.

But I can't.

Because since I have accused her, albeit lovingly, of being a Miss Bossy Pants,  I have been listening to myself to see if she * might * get it from me.

She does.

Now before you think I am this wonderful person who reflects often on my own faults, let me tell you WHY I had to reflect on the fact that maybe, just maybe, she got it from me.

Because, see, she is also very polite and encouraging, she says things EXACTLY like I say them, and I take full credit ( in my head  :D )for teaching such wonderful things to my child.

So, Mrs. Bossy Pants needs to rethink how her life is going to change and be lived out, because Miss Bossy Pants just needs to stop being so bossy.

Just like her momma.

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