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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As you may know... or not know, Our oldest son is an urban missionary with The Relief Bus.  It is an amazing thing to watch him work.  He volunteered there for a a while before being asked to join the staff.  He loves it.  I mean he really loves it.

We try to go volunteer on Friday nights.  Samuel, too, loves it.  He would every week if he could.

Last Friday, we went and were joined by our Pastor and his son. 

Here, Pastor Bill is talking with John, and it cracks me up because it really does look like he is trying to say " You want a piece of me??"  And Samuel is trying not to crack up.  And it is about killing him to hold it in.

The Bus helps out in ways that go above and beyond a meal.  But if all you want is a meal, they will joyfully do that too.  

Samuel is the ultimate Mets fan.  Can you tell?

Anyway, it was cold.  I mean in the 20s cold; so not too many people came out.  But they know it is there.  Faithfully.

On another note.  Elena is doing well with her school work.  She just turned 4 but knows her letters, sounds, numbers, colors, is starting to write and loves it all.   (Not bad for our child who has been in the USA for just a mere 14 months.)

Except this:

Every time I ask her what that is, she says New Jersey.  EVERYTIME!!  What does that mean?  What is going through her head when she sees this.  How come she forgets what we told her it means/says.  What does she know about Jersey, that truthfully we are probably denying?  It doesn't even look like the shape of our state!!

I need to just let it go.

Well today is Ash Wednesday.  Do you know what you are going to sacrifice for the next 40 days?  I am doing the typical thing of something I like, for example, chips, sugar... but this year I am also going to do my best not to be cynical.  Arrgghhhhhhh.  Do you know how hard this is for a Jersey person?  Being cynical & sarcastic are in our DNA.  


Pray for me.  It will be a long 40 days.  But to GOD be the Glory.

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