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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fools

We really are not not sports fanatics.  We enjoy good games.  

OK. FINE.  I love football.

We watch football all the time.  Baseball is my husband's love.  He is not as lunatic as he used to be, but he enjoys a good game when he has time, too. 

He is a Mets fan.  So, needless to say, all our children followed his footsteps and are die hard Mets fans.

Because you have to be a die hard to be a Mets fan; they stink.

And I say that lovingly, for they have become my team too.

ANYWAY, their first day is April 1. I think it is a cruel joke.  And I think it is doubly mean that we have snow forecasted here on that day.

Here is a picture of Samuel when his older brother took him to CitiField last year.

Everyone loved his poster.  It said " If you promise to win the World Series, I promise to do my math homework."

Every Mets fan is slightly delusional.  It helps us survive.  In our weak moments, we shake our fist, but then we remember...and we cheer them on till the end.

And then end comes pretty quickly.

BUT this is their year!!!

Why??  I don't know, we say that every year.

On another note, our oldest son told me last week he was almost killed at work.  Again.  

Sometimes I grow relaxed in my prayers, and then I reminded to stay faithful in going to the THRONE in humility and thankfulness.  

Not to say it would even occur to him to leave the job, he loves it.  But sometimes I wonder 'what on earth??"  

And I remember the fact that I have always told and continue to tell my children if they are going to have to die and yes, everybody does, die doing HIS work!!  




Becky said...

I love the Mets love notes he made. Tell him to do his homework anyway since he'll need it to keep score.

The CUBS home opener is Friday too. No snow here right now, but no spring yet either. Or maybe the lack of snow IS the first sign of spring. Grrrrrr.

Janet and Kevin said...

Will pray that your son stays safe at work!

Janet and gang