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Friday, March 11, 2011

End Times?

I can't tell you how many articles, posts, blogs, FB statuses and radio commentaries I have heard that we should WAKE UP because this is the END TIMES!!!

Look around you!  Look at the signs!  It is obvious and we are reading the signs.

Which got me thinking.

Dangerous past time, I know.

It got me thinking how many Christians will change because it is THE END TIMES!!  

How many Christians are going to start praying.

How many Christians are going to start telling others that IT IS THE END TIMES and they need to repent!!

How many Christians will change how they live, hoping to rack up some *brownie points* in case it is indeed the END TIMES!! and they could use all the help they can get when standing before The King.

How many Christians are going to... dare I say it???...start reading their Bibles, again.

But wait...

Aren't we suppose to be living holy and true?  Regardless of when the end times come?

Aren't we suppose to walk in HIS light, and spreading it is desperation because lost souls are dying every single day?

Aren't we suppose to be hoping and living, clinging to HIS hand in the decisions we make, in the way we live, in the Light we spread?

Shouldn't we be living our lives like the end is near, because really, have you seen, do you know how many people die in car accidents?  How many people die in wars? How many people die of a heart attack with no prior signs?  How many people die of drug overdose, physical abuse, cancer, an accidental fall, a swung bat landing in the wrong place on your head.

Not to minimize the pain and heartache happening in Japan, and around the world.  I remember 9/11, watching the towers fall from the mountainside near our house.

I remember when my brother in law died at the young age of 33, leaving behind my sister and their 3 small children.  I remember that pain, that emptiness, that heartache that won't go away.  For a long time.

And with Japan & New Zealand, times that a million.


The END TIMES!!! have been happening for a long time to everyday people.

Live like it, regardless of what is going on in the world.  Live like it because HE told us to live for HIM.

And our lives should not change because of the temperature of the World, they should change because of our love for HIM, who loves us to distraction and deserves every part of our lives.

Is it the END TIMES??!!?  I don't know.  Not even Jesus knew.

But I know how I am suppose to be living.


And tomorrow.

And next week.

Do you?

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Zachary said...

I don't want to say what I really want to talk about, so I'm just going to say I took interest in this post and will probably check up on some other things you have to say.