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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We are SO glad we went to VA for Easter weekend!

The day before Easter, Chloe took us to her law-wive's Easter hunt/breakfast. And when I say us, I mean Jane her mother in law, Leneah, her sister in law, Elly & me.

There she is, our peanut, ready to go on her first Easter egg hunt. Ever!

She, of course, had no idea what was going on. So she decided swinging was funner then waiting for she-doesn't-know-what.

Cracking every egg before she put it in her bucket. She still didn't get it. Until she recognized a chocolate, then she was SO happy.

Still cracking eggs while sister holds her bucket.

She LOVES Leneah.

Everybody wanted to go to the beach. Well, I didn't, but whatever.

It was SO COLD!!! lol. Elly didn't even take her cover up off and if fact kept herself wrapped in a towel the whole time.

Daddy & daughter running a few miles on the beach. He wanted to impress me. It worked.

Josiah was so happy to have his siblings there.

Easter morning. MY babies.

Chloe and Josiah. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason 17 of us packed ourselves in our cars and drove 7+ hours. Like I said, it was worth it! :)

My parents with the granddaughters.

Elly had a great time.

And she even talked Leneah into pushing her around in the stroller.

I like to call this the Redneck picture. Chloe & Josiah took Leneah & Elly for a walk. And Josiah is holding a beer. It is taking some getting used to seeing that, to this Southern Baptist family.

Chloe & her sis in law, Becky. Becky is such a gift. A true blessing. The whole family is, really.

Going on the family egg hunt with my niece, Elizzi.

Still cracking the eggs before putting them in the bucket.

Look Mommy! I finished my chocolate, can I have some more????????

It was a good weekend. I am so thankful to our Lord, that Josiah's family & us get along so well. Yes, 17 of us in one house, and we had the best time.

To tell you the truth, we get together even without Josiah & Chloe around! Yes, we have even been on a double date, Len, Jane & John and me! God has been good to us to give my daughter parents in law who love her.


Becky said...

Well now, really, what's not to love? And she was raised to be their son's wife!

I love the pictures. And Elly's first egg hunt ever. That is impressive. She got the hang of it pretty quickly. If I knew chocolate was in those eggs, I'd be cracking them before I put them in the bucket too. :)

Debz said...

Looks like another successful first! I think the seconds will be just as exciting if not more so!

Nice that you could all spend the Easter weekend together.

Hummm seems almost every holiday is an excuse to eat chocolate really isn't it?....

Lori said...

Your pictures made me smile! What a stunningly beautiful family you have, friend!!