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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crew, piano and church

So, can I say, I love my life.


Yeah, sometimes things stink to high heaven, and yes there are times I can wring somebody's neck. It doesn't matter who, any one who is closest to me. And sometimes I cry myself to sleep.

But then I remember all the good things!

And I love my life!

Last weekend we went to Princeton to watch my niece Elizzi ( and Tim, her boyfriend) at her crew meet. Elizzi is going to Harvard. She got in on merit alone. And then the crew coach decided she wanted her. She so will be on the Radcliffe team ( Harvard only has the men's team).

Anyway, I think she is crazy. But I think she will do it and do it ALL well.

I can't believe how much effort and training it takes to do 5 minutes worth of competition. But then you see the Olympics. lol.

Elizzi getting her medal.

And then rowing away. ( she is the on eon the left)

And Tim, getting his medal! Tim is such a good boy. No wonder Elizzi agreed to date him. He is so kind hearted, it all makes sense.

When ever Hoops comes home, he puts his hat on Elly like she is his personal hat rack. She cracks up.

There she is!! Much better!

So, Samuel plays the piano. He begged to do it. It was not my idea. At all. I took classical piano for 10 years against my will. I vowed never to make my kids play the piano.

Then they begged to do it!! Go figure.

Anyway, Elly loves to sit with him, and play. Samuel finally figured out how to practice and still let her sit with him. Priceless.

She is always trying to reach around to play. lol.

And this week at church, it was raining and miserable outside and a particularly long service. So what does a 3 year old do? What we all wish we could do at one point. don't deny it.

Notice the Playdoh on the bottom of she shoe?? She loves playdoh. :)


Becky said...

Ha! That Elly cracks me up. And Samuel too. Very clever fellow!!

Chloƫ said...

I'm going to have to teach Elly to pull up a chair when Samuel leaves no room on the bench for her, because that's what he used to do when I would do that to him. What goes around comes around, little brother. ahaha.