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Thursday, January 29, 2009


As with the past 3 winters, John & Samuel go skiing every Friday.

It is my day off, to do what I want ( need) and take it easy (in theory)(yet to happen).

So, tomorrow, on my day off, I will be cleaning my house. Most everything Christmas is put away. I KNOW!! The only thing left is the dishes. I haven't gotten to them yet, and they are so cute, I usually leave them out until around Valentine's Day. I delude myself in to thinking they are winter dishes, not necessarily Christmas dishes. The key word being delude. But I like this delusion.

And then on Sunday, we are having about 25 people come over for the game.

It should be ...fun. Seeing as how our TV is in the unfinished basement. Everyone will crowd down there. lol. But thats okay. Since we hardly ever watch the thing, we can't justify bring it up here. Even for 1 day. We will still have a good time. Specially if the Steelers win!!

And while cleaning my kitchen, I found an old cd I bought YEARS ago. It's a piano hymns cd. How I love it. The church we go to does one hymn a Sunday. The rest is contemporary-ish. Very good, but is given the choice, I would sing hymns all the day long. So I will put my cd in the cd player tonight, and go to sleep with the soothing music of promises from my KING.


Gena said...

I am just catching up with my reading. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I believe you did since the Steelers won the Super Bowl! Right? Okay, confession time - I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I think the Steelers won. When James was alive we lived and breathed college football - Georgia Bulldogs all the way! But, he wasn't really into pro ball, and if he didn't like the teams playing, he wouldn't watch the Super Bowl. Since the Atlanta Falcons are an historically terrible football team, we've never had much reason to watch.

I hope you are having a good week. I am planning a 21st birthday party for my son's adorable girlfriend (any my oldest daughter's best friend). We will have it on Saturday. I love parties and I love planning them. This will be an all pink, all princess theme. It is all the sweeter since she has undergone chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and radiation therapy in the past year and a half. She is cancer-free, thank God, but we have much reason to celebrate!

Have a wonderful end of week and weekend. Stay warm! We are in the single digits here (with the windchill), but we are NOT used to that in Atlanta!

Becky said...

BTW ... congrats on your big win! I have a friend who actually went to the game. He is a HUGE Steeler fan, and he sat next to MC Hammer in the 7 row in the Steeler endzone. So cool.

Hope you enjoyed it all the way.