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Sunday, February 8, 2009


wOw!! What a week!!


As you already know..it was a FANTASTIC Super Bowl. I can't even imagine. As awesome as last year's was, this one was even awesomer. I know, bad English. Still..

Then from that great day, I proceeded to get myself as sick as possible. I was in bed with a fever for days. My throat burned and my joints were screaming. Silently.

Okay, let me side step here because I have a small pet peeve. Here is my question. Some people I know and love, knew how sick I was and how painful it was to speak. Why, pray tell, did they insist on calling ALL THE TIME , several times a day???? Even when I didn't answer anymore because it was bad and I was exhausted. They would insist on calling and calling and letting the phone ring. WHY?? Didn't they get the 3000 clues?? I know they care, but maybe doing something is kind of better then that. Or in this case, doing nothing would have been appreciated oh so much more. Okay, I am a jerk.

I'm sorry.

Back to being sick. Now I squeak. My throat doesn't hurt anymore, but I sound like I am in pain. (I'm not) And I am getting my strength back, little by little.

Chloe started her new job this week. She is a dance teacher at Life Time gym. John went to their open house and was amazed. It is WAY out of our price range, though. We will probaly stick to walking on our treadmill & outside.

Here is a funny picture I just downloaded from my camera. It was when Chloe was trying on wedding dresses. I think this pictures enbodies my daughter. Life is good.

This morning I made myself crawl out of bed and go to church. It was my first outing, and I am so glad I did. It was GREAT. Tomorrow starts life back to normal. I will stop by Hoop's apartment and get some pictures. He is liking the move. As I knew he would. :)

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Gena said...

I hope that today you are feeling a million times better! I am so rarely sick that I forget how awful it is. And why is it that people call and call? How about feeding your kids? Your husband? Cleaning your bathroom? Doing your laundry? Those are the things I would appreciate!

I love the picture of the mismatched socks. Jamie never wears the same two socks so that is just too funny.

Feel better soon! I will be praying.