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Friday, January 16, 2009

Today, Chloe & I met one of the cateres at the vineyard to talk turkey. Well, not turkey, more like wedding stuff, but you know what I mean.

And then on the way home, we heard on the radio that on Sunday it WAS GOING TO GO UP TO 20 DEGREES!!! We were sooo happy. Then we laughed at ourselves on how pathetic we are, that the thought of it going up to 20 degrees made us so excited.

It is raw, bitter cold outside. It is 5 but windchill factor makes it -5. And lets not forget the wind tearing into your bones. Oh, and this is during the day, when the sun is shining. At night its a tab colder. ::::sigh::::

It is so miserable. If we ever move south, I will not miss this.



Gena said...

I love snow. But, I have lived in Atlanta my entire life. All of it. It has been a long time. We used to get some snow but we haven't in a long time. However, I don't want snow like you have snow. I just want it to be pretty for a day or so, then go away. I can't imagine raising children where you have to bundle them up like eskimos just to get in the car. We don't even own heavy coats. Sad, I know.

It got down to 12 here last night with a windchill of probably 8 or so. The high today was around 30. It should be warmer tomorrow and then continue climbing. You can always come and visit if you need a break!

bumblebeebags said...

girl I hear ya! I actually grew up in Saudi Arabia and there was only one temp there....hot!!!!

Becky said...

You are so funny. And you remind me how different a culture we live in. It was 20 degrees as a low the other night and we were FREEZING. Today it is in the 50s as a high and although it is lovely and sunny, it is very chilly for us. You would probably think it is a pretty summer day :)