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Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving out

Our oldest son is moving out in 2 weeks.

It has been an interesting time having him here. He didn't live with us for almost 3 years.

Then he moved back.

Well, he & his friend got a place in Martinsville,the cutest little town about 20 minutes away. I know it will be good for him. He is excited, and frankly so am I. Not that I will not miss him, but I think he will be happier. And not that I probably wont see him when he comes over for a decent meal, which I am hoping happens. Often.

But he has been ripe for this for a LONG time.

He hasn't finished his schooling yet, and now it will take even longer. But somehow, it is still the right thing for him.

And so, I pray for him. He will be his own man come Sunday Feb. 1. ( well he moves on the 2nd, since the first is Super Bowl Sunday, and he won't find ANYONE who will help him move.) I will be on free cycle often for the next 2 weeks, looking for house necessities.Freecycle has the right price. :) And off he goes.

God bless you son.


Gena said...

I wish him well. I also know how hard it is when your kids move out. Both my oldest daughter and son are on their own. They are home pretty much every weekend, though, which is wonderful.

I hope you find plenty of stuff on freecycle! My kids still think of my house, attic and basement (and sometimes cabinets and closets) as their own personal home goods store.

Gena said...

We can only do it because we have to and they are ready and God is with them and He is with us. Believe me, I cried for hours the day my son moved. My daughter had moved out the year before and both of those days were spent cleaning their old rooms with tears streaming down my face, praying for their protection, praying that they would use wisdom in their decisions, praying they would want to come home to visit ALOT. You name it, I pray for it.

It is so hard. But, I see how happy they are and how much they've grown by being on their own. I still have the two younger girls left at home and I dread the day they will leave too. But, as moms, isn't this what our job is? To prepare them to be on their own? I hate that part!

I will keep you in my prayers.

Becky said...

I have often said our job as parents is to prepare our children to live on their own ... successfully. I wish him well. And you, as you adjust once again.