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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Off to the races

I've been a part of BSF on and off for a few years now. I love it. It is a no nonsense Bible study that just pounds out the word of God. Period.

This year is probably my favorite. It is on the life of Moses. This week, we studied the willing obedience.

I want to willingly obey.

But I am not even close.

In a matter of 1/2 an hour, God showed me just how much I am not obeying. But it was good. It is not a woe-is-me I am a failure type of lesson. But look what a mess you are, get back on the horse type lesson.

But see, my first prayer is, help me get over myself. I am a stubborn, opinionated, manipulative know-it-all. Who really doesn't know squat. lol.

But I know my GOD is bigger then that.

And HE will answer the prayers of those who really humbly and though difficult, will seek HIS will.

But if any of you out there are the praying type, and have time..... remember me.


Becky said...

I heard a speaker say the other day that the biggest lie that Satan tells us is that it is all about us. And I think it is true. I love what you said about getting over yourself.

Becky said...

And ... I never thought of the price of premium cable being cheaper than one ticket to the big game. So true!

Gena said...

Hello to you too! I'm so glad you came to "visit" me. I am trying to get back to posting.

I will keep you in my prayers. I want to willingly obey as well, in ALL things. That is so hard.