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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life moves on

Life just chases you down the street doesn't it??

And the faster you run, the harder it chases. lol.

We had our family birthday party for Samuel on his birthday. Which means we only had 13 people over to the house because my sister & her family couldn't make it.

As I look at this picture of Samuel & John, I can't believe how tall Samuel is getting. :::sigh:::

And of course, there is the whole, we have got to get a place for the wedding, thing!! My daughter & her fiance decided to get married on the 4th of July, 2009. Which the more I think about it, the more we discuss it, the more I wish I woulda thought of it way back when I was getting married.

I believe we finally found our location. This picture was taken in the front of the vineyard. It was lovely.

Funny though. No one in our family drinks. At all. But it was lovely.

And our son is getting married 3 months later on the 3rd of October. As I research for Chloe's wedding, I am passing along information for them.

All this while trying to stay on budget. I am loving ideas to save, and am amazed at how much penny-pinching information there is out there!! We have a notebook full of ideas we will use.

So now, I have to put the breaks on, because in 2 days is my favorite holiday of the year. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. This year, we didn't do the indepth study we usually do, we just did the requirements of regular school sprinkled with Thanksgiving here & there.

Kind of makes me sad, but there are other things going on that are joy-filled, and so maybe I should give thanks for that, this year.

Yup, thats what I'll do.

And lets not forget Black Friday. Chloe & I have made BF an art form. Yes, I am one those maniacs out the door at the crack of dawn. Without apology. I love that too. I love talking to the people on line, trying to brighten up the exhausted cashier, getting bargains, coming home wiped, but having saved my love loads of money. And of course, Christmas season's official first day.

Yes, life moves on.

Don't miss it. :)

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