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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chloe & I just got back from voting.

This is her first time voting for a president, and she was so nervous and excited. We have had a tradition of walking over to the school on election day with the kids, and enjoying the good earth God gave us. Voting is such a priviledge. As a naturalized citizen, I am frustrated at those who don't realize how great this country is, in spite of itself.

Still, I cannot "preach" enough, GOD IS IN CONTROL. No matter who wins, no matter what happens, HE has allowed it. This one didn't slip past HIM. HE isn't going to be taken by surprise.

So, go do your civic duty, take advantage of your right. (Samuel asked me how much we had to pay in order to vote, and I gave him yet another history lesson as we were walking along the way) And let your voice be heard.

But never forget, pray for HIS mercy in our land.

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