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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!!!

WARNING: loads of pictures  :) For just 1 weekend......

First day of school!! 4th grade!

Needing to include Daisy, who ALWAYS looks worried.
And Reilly, who is entirely too heavy to lift.
Chloe's family birthday dinner

George W Childs park.  The waterfalls were amazing.  
Until your child and you husband decide jumping off sounds like a plan.....

There were several falls,  and each one just a pretty as the next.
Bugging sister until she decided it was time to chase you down and remind you that you are the little brother, and she is bigger...in all sorts of ways.

Fosterfields Living farms.  Chasing piglets in order to weigh them.

And washing clothes by hand.  Thank you God for washing machines.  Truly.

Can't go anyplace without finding a tree to climb.

Words escape me.  Probably because I was laughing so hard.  So were people around us.
One last dip in the pool.
At the Met.  With the cousins.

The Italian Festival in town.  John, Chloe and Samuel in a race.   John and Chloe have been racing down this thing since she was about 3. She won!

Bored dumb at Flemington, and wishing this thing would work so he could drive home.

And so, another year of school has stated.  And we are so thankful to Jesus for the honor and privilege of training our child in HIS ways as best as we could.  I pray for the discipline, joy, determination, and HIS Holy Spirit to be ever present in our hearts.


Mishel said...

Great pics! I hope you are having a great first week of school. We start Monday...and it's Zach's last year because he's a senior. I'm so sad! : ( I know it's supposed to be this way, but still!

Oh...and I read your "100 Things about Me" post. Loved it! We have a lot in common. : )

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

That son of yours is so sweet! (Don't tell him someone said that about him..but *sigh*...it gives me hope that there might still be good guys around when my girls grow up.)

I loved that picture of worrying Daisy so much that I had to bring it up and show my husband.