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Monday, September 22, 2008


Do you spook easy-like?

I totally do.

Last night, Josiah and I were watching Sunday Night Football.  Chloe fell asleep, so we got to talking and solving all the world's problems, way after the game, but the tv was still on.  There was this scary commercial that come on and I screamed like a girl.   

Wait, I am a girl.

Anyway, Josiah jumped and started laughing.  He had never seen anyone get spooked by a commercial.  Yeah.  It would be embarrassing if I cared, but this is who I am, and theres just not much I can do about this particular thing.

Like this past winter when John & I went to a B&B, and we were told that people have been known to see a ghost in the room in which we were staying.  ( BTW, what is it with B&B and ghosts?  Everytime we go to one, the innkeeper feels the need to say something about it, like its an important part of the experience) We are not believers in ghost.  Demons, yes, but not ghosts.  So, we smiled and by the time we got upstairs, we forgot all about it.   At one point during the night, though, I was brushing my teeth, and I remembered I wanted to ask John something, so I opened the door.  And there he was, just standing at the door, RIGHT THERE.  I screamed.  


Someone is murdering me in my bed,  blood- curdling loud.

 His first reaction was "  SHHHHHH, people will think you saw the ghost!!!!"  Followed by " You just took another five years off my life!!!" What the  heck was doing just standing there anyway??!?!?!

Yeah, I scare easy.

I have come to accept it and learned to laugh about it.

But I sure do wish I met someone like me. It may make me feel more......normal.

But then again, maybe normal is overrated. 

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