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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday sis!

I have a real neat big sister.  She is 5 years older then I am.  We grew up having absolutely nothing in common.  But inspite of being a true certified pesty little sister, I can honestly she was a great big sister.  She never lost her temper with me, and tolerated so much from me, I'm surprised we still get along. lol. 

This is our latest picture.  It was at the end of this summer on top of the world.  Or at least the museum.  And yes, there are trees in NYC. See?  Actually its Central Park, but trees in NYC non the less.

Scary/funny thing.... for the past few years, it amazes the kids & our mom how we will get together, and my sister and I are wearing the same colors!!!  Tops & bottoms!!  Now we are trying not to, and so we change whatever we were going to wear, and still end up wearing the same colors!!  


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