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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa

Today is my father's 70th birthday!

We had a little (thats how he likes things...low key) surprise party for him last night.  He was delighted! We had enough food to feed an army.  Then we had more dessert to make one sick for 3 days.

My dad and his old buddies.  He has know these gentlemen for about 100 years.  I know!!  Pretty amazing since he is only 70!  PS my dad does NOT color his hair.  And he has jet black hair. Neither my sister nor I inherited that.  Bummer.  

Here is his family.  Everyone except for Wesley, who couldn't make it from MA.

And of course, Chloe showing off another one of her talents. lol. 

  I called my mom today after church today.  I asked her what time she finally went to bed last night.  We left at 12:30am  , yes, we were exhausted for church.  She told me the friends didn;t leave until part 2:30 am. 

Now thats a good party with good friends!!

Happy birthday dad.   :) 


Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Your dad looks freakishly young!

Mishel said...

What fun! And I love the pic of everyone together. : )

I left the recipe for the broccoli slaw in the comment section (right under your comment).

And I think it's wonderful that you are adopting. Did you know I was adopted? I'm so thankful for this special part of my life. If you are interested you can read the story of finding my birth-mother two years ago.


I actually just met her in person two weeks ago, but due to privacy reasons, I can't do a regular blog post about it. It was a great experience--more like meeting a good friend--not a mother, because I already have one. : )

Have a GREAT day!