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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So, my youngest son got this crazy birthday gift from my parents, this rider car thing that goes fast, but you have to ride it on the street and you are low to the ground and cars can't see you.

Not so much. Not with my jump-before-you-think son.

So we returned it, (my parents were totally okay with that) and with the money, Samuel went crazy at the Vision Forum website.

The All American Boy's Catalog is a dream catalog for Samuel. He would buy everything in it if he could.

Anyway, as I was browsing through their book selection, again, I came across this book and was intruiged by it. I decided to buy it.


I have only read a little less then 1/2 the book and already it was hit a sore, tender spot, as well as strengthen that self same sore, tender spot.

It is an old, yet radical to this day and age, idea.

One of the things they talk about, that no one else is talking about is Me-ology, which has crept slowly but surely into our lives. And Christians are not immune by any stretch of the imagination. If anything we Christianize it by saying God would want us to be happy. Or some other ridiculous idea like that. I remember reading Elizabeth Elloitt's book Passion and Purity about 15 years ago. One comment she said in there stayed with me all this time. When a young girl complained to her that she felt God wanted her to be happy, her response was, " God wants you to be holy." Period.

Thats like cold water on a shocked face. But oh so true.

SO I have "stolen" her line. Often. Not just for teaching my children purposes, but for myself. It has helped me to try to develope a servan's heart. Note: I said try. I am in the slow process of achiving it. lol. But I keep trying.

It is a radical idea to serve.

Hoops is trying to discover himself in Jesus, trying to discern life. One day he was talking about trying to find a church that is radical and different so he could be different than this world. John just told him " Son if you want to be different, then just serve." Hoops wasn't to crazy about the idea at the time. In fact, I think most Christians want to do something radical and glorious. Not the get down on your knees and wash feet kind of radical. There is nothing glorious about that. And yet, thats exactly what our Master has taught us.

So, I think this book was a good deal. It will be one of those well worn, reread books on my shelf. I think I will have Chloe read it during her winter break. To try to counter act some of her college teachings.

And remember. Jesus wants you to be holy. And in that holiness, you will be happy. :)

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