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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Keep the focus

I put this on top of my piano because whenever I get overwhelmed by the season.... I'll just go stand there are look at it, and remember. 

Notice my cute Advent "wreath" on the right?  (before I put the candles).  I picked that up 2 years ago, and have never regretted it.  We have Advent at church, but this family has never had the honor of lighting the candle. 
So I decided that we would get our own, and do our own Advent celebration and devotions at home.  It has become one of those"good memories" family things.  We look forward to it, and the kids love lighting the candles, and seeking our Lord's coming in a personal way. 

On another note, my friend Tina, has a nativity set out on her front lawn. It is one of those cement ones that weighs a ton.  She asked her love to build her a little house to put it in this year.  She went online and got directions and measurements for him to follow.  He stated he was a contractor, and not to insult him by giving him directions.  He knows how to build houses, and this was small potatoes. 

I went over to the house 2 days ago.  There was this ENORMOUS "garage" in front of her house.  It was well built and nicely painted.  And it took every bit of my self control not to burst out laughing.  By the look on her face, it was best to just tell her how nice it was built and leave it at that. 

She is thinking since its so GRAND, she is asking her friend who has a farm, to let her borrow some live sheep for Christmas Eve to put in there and make it cute.  Meanwhile, her nativity set is lost in the grandness of it.  I think after the holiday season, it will go in the back for an extra shed.

Oh those husbands of ours. :)  They are a joy and delight.  But sometimes you just gotta love them inspite of themselves.  And learn that life is good, and God is great.


Becky said...

That is a hilarious story. Above and beyond I'd have to say!

Merry Christmas to you! I'm off for the season I think.

Gena said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I did my last post for a while yesterday, but I'm still checking my favorites when I have time.

That was a funny story! Men are so funny. My husband would tell me to call my son if I needed to have something built.

Have a joyous holiday season.