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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Part 2

Before I go to NYC part 2, I thought I would show you all one of our walls decorated for Christmas.

As I mentioned before, Samuel is a bit of a Nutcracker fan. This is one of the gifts he BEGGED for for his birthday. HE BEGGGED FOR IT! Well, he got it. :Þ

Notice the Nutcrackers. The Rat King is in the middle of the window. Thats one of his favorites.

More Nutcrackers. My mom got him the one on the floor. It holds candles in the back and you can light them so it looks stainedglass-ish. Quite cool actually.

And I have to mention, Chloe had her Dance concert. It was the first time she didn't choreograph her own piece. With 21 credits this semester, she just didn't have the time. Here she is with the girls from one of her pieces. It was called something creative, but I called it deranged farmwives. They all looked like farmwives (except the one in the front) and yes, it was "creative". Chloe is the one next to the water fountain.

Okay, back to NYC. The Egyptian temple!!

If you look into the water, you may be able to see what got the boys attention. There was 1/2 a dollar bill someone threw in there. They thought it was neat and wanted to do the same thing. Heck to the NO. But I gave them all the pennies in my wallet.

This is the 2nd prettiest tree in NYC. It is at the Met and it is stunning. The whole thing was donated in 1964 and it was made in Italy. The picture is crummy & doesn't do it justice. But still, it sure is pretty to see.

The boys in the armor hall. Life is good.

And of course, Samuel's favorite place. Again.

Saks 5th Ave was in the back, the Tree in the front. I made them stop to take this picture.

Its just so darn pretty.

Chloe ( & the boys)under the tree.

The boys/men. So John is actuall quite thin. Irritatingly so. I mean, when first married almost 23 years ago, he was a size 28. Now he is a 29, but buys 30s. Yeah. He hates wearing jackets, so he wears like 18 layers, throws a sweater on top, and then looks like this! LOL!!!

Now, I really have to start Christmas shopping. My best friend ( Joe's mom) & I have a day cut out to just shop till we drop. We will probably drop before we finish, but I believe it will be great fun just the 2 of us, shopping for the right gifts while solving the world's problems while ignoring our own. lol.

And the day before Christmas Eve, we are all going to go see the Nutcracker Ballet.

I think this little boy has us all a little looney to go along with this.


Becky said...

I was just going to ask you if Samuel had ever seen the Nutcracker Ballet. I am glad you are going to go. I hope he loves it. I do.

And that tree at Rockefeller always leaves me wanting more. I cannot even put it all into perspective. For years I thought the statue underneath was the size of a huge skyscraper. Then I realized it was large, but not that large. I just need to see it for myself someday.

Karen said...

I think it's so neat that Samuel likes the Nutcracker. I bet he has an awesome imagination.

So cool to see more pictures of NYC. It's my dream (along with millions of other people's) to see it at Christmas time. I have card with a picture of the tree at the Met. It would be wonderful to see it "in person."