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Thursday, April 26, 2012

He Is Doing It AGAIN!!!!

This is my son.

He is our first born.  The oldest, the boss of his siblings( or so he would like to think), the one who intellectually is most like his father, but like his mother in his metabolism.  (Sorry son.  :P)

He is doing it AGAIN!!!!

What is he doing again?

He is allowing me to be a mom.  


He asked this young lady:

To marry him, and she SAID YES!!!   Can you believe it??!!??!


OK, fine.  Granted, she has her own mom, who may I say is a lovely woman.  

But STILL, I get to be a mom on the fringes.

And I'll take it.

Kind of like when our 2nd born:

Married him:

And I got another son.

I am making out like a bandit.  

Let me tell you!

And of course, who can complain about all this joy...

...specially when sometimes it results in the greatset joy of all:


Speaking of which, in just a few short weeks, Beautiful Boy will be 1.

I blinked.


We will praise HIM in the storms...as well as the joys.  <3

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