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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I think the most exciting this about the NYC Marathon this weekend, is that I get to see Beautiful Boy again.

Ok, FINE.  It is wonderful that my daughter has worked so hard for this day.  And that she is trying to raise money, because in the end it is not about her.

And I so enjoy her company in general.

And my son is law's too.

BUT have you ever smelled a baby?  And watched him laugh??  And hold him close and realize he is just such a GIFT from HIM?

I used to be insulted when people would say all those if I knew grandkids would be so great, I would have had them first jokes.  Because quite frankly, I REALLY enjoyed my children.  And did it really get better than that?


And now I get it.

:::sigh::: I can't wait.

But that brings me to another thought.  One that I keep forgetting about.  Intentionally. On purpose.

Only 137 more days until my 1/2 marathon.

I REALLY need to start training.  I really need to go buy a new pair of sneakers.

I really need to stop whining about it and just do it.

I really don't want to.  But I need to.

And so, when we go tomorrow to the Javitz Center and get her number, and see all the stuff that is there to excite you about running...it may just be the swift kick in the pants that I need!!

Or not.

Regardless, the days keep coming and this body wil need all the help it can get, come St. Paddy's Day.

SO... of to the races.

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