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Friday, November 18, 2011

13 Things....

Happy Birthday, my youngest son.

In honor of your birthday, I will try to come up with 13 things of who you are today.

1.  Inspite of the fact that you never sleep, you have enough energy for 25 people at any given moment.

2. You never really care what others think about the way you dress.

3.  It takes you 2 hours to do a 45 minute math lesson.  But in between problems, you conquered the Huns, fought in WW2, dreamed of sciences of centuries past, became a time traveler, created solutions to conflicts, figured out good plans for the Sunday Night game or created musical masterpieces.  Then would get frustrated at me for bring you back to the next math problem.

4. You heard about the opportunity to play the piano at hospice, and you turned your world around to be able to do it.  And though it was emotionally hard, and sometimes you left with tears in your eyes, it never occured to you NOT to go back.

5. Your favorite birthday gifts usually require time, not money.

6. You have a temper that takes about 30 seconds to show up.  But at the same time, it can leave just as fast.  With no residue to spoil the rest of the time.

7. You love to DO things.  Whether it is with your hands like chopping wood or changing the brakes with your father, or physical , like jumping bridges or scaling rocks; sitting down is hard for you.  And that is ok.

8. You adore your family.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  A good day to you is a day spent with them.

9.  You don't embarrass easily.

10. You are the most musically talented kid in the family.  I am always amazed when you sit at the piano or pick up the violin and play a song you just heard for the first time.

11. You like swift justice on people. But are grudgingly learning grace.  Because you are now understanding your own faults.

12. Age doesn't  matter to you.  You enjoy older people, little kids, adults, and your own peers.  You can carry a conversation with anyone, and not feel awkward.

13. You know GOD is fighting the battle for your soul, and you really want HIM to win.  Usually.

Happy Birthday my son.  You are a gift from HIM from whom all good things come.

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Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful 13-year-old son! What a jewel he is!

janet, kevin, ted, sophia, philip, and elijah