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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Wish I Had an Accent

  Granted, some people may say I have a Jersey accent.  Whatever, Jersey doesn't have an accent..  

This little girl is coming into her own.

She is a real-live NorthEast American girl.

She is learning sarcasm right along side her English.


I would very much like to blame this kid for that.

But where...pray tell...did he get it from??!!??


The hard past about this is that I have gotten so much better then I used to be years ago.

My poor older children.

 I would very much like to live a life minus sarcasm.  

And how much would I like to blame somebody, anybody for the fact that I am too sarcastic. For example, why did my parents move here??!  Why not TX, or CO, or some southern state where people are just naturally kind, not cynical??!? ( I know I know, my daughter tells me that people can pull off 'not kind' in the south just as well as they do here, but we are in your face about it as opposed to walking away from it.  Walking away may not always be a bad thing.) 

But no.  I was raised in Jersey. 

It becomes painfully aware to us when we meet someone from another state, just how bad we are.   Because in reality, we don't even notice it.

And if need be, we can even point out Scriptures where sarcasm was used to justify that it is ok.


Pray for us here.

We need to be kinder, more gentle spirited. 

And HEY!!  

Guess what happens in 4 days??!!??!

Go ahead guess.

I will give you some hints.

1. it involves my youngest son
2. it involves the number 13
3. it involves cake
4. and presents
5. and family coming over
6. and probably a couple of friends too
7. and a little sister wanting it to be her turn, because a year is so darn long to wait.

I think those clues may help in guessing.

Maybe not.

But regadless, he is spending the night before and next day doing his very favorite thing.

I won't see him until late afternoon!!

But who can argue with his request to spend his birthday eve & birthday doing this??!!???!!

GOD is good.  I am watching HIS hand on my son's life.  Not that he is this great holy person, but there is a level of desire for HIM and humility in the midst of the hormones, business, bouncing off the walls of his life.

Well, off to rake the million new leaves on our yard.  Thankfully, I raked last week, just in time for it to look worse then before, seeing as how the rest of the leaves just decided to drop all in one shot. :P SHEESH is that sarcasm??!!? 

See you on the flip side.

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