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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

I was watching this very odd movie last night and I realized, again, it is an ugly, mean, volitale world out there.

Now, mind you I already knew that, but since I daily live in my world, I keep forgetting about out there.  And before you say I live a sheltered life, I know I do.  Never mind that we often go to the inner cities to serve, and yes, sometimes hang out; and we live in the NYC metropolitan area and we get to see, experience and know, probably more than the average person.

Still, in spite of my sheltered world...

I have talked to people who are strung out on drugs, protitutes, runaways, parents looking for their run away children from all states, alcoholics, dealers, illegals, people who just came out of prison, mafiosos, you name it, I probably came across it.

The difference is, that is their world, and even if I am in the outskirts of it, I will probably not be in their inner circle.  The circle of terror, or fear, of desparation, deep sorrow, anger, lack of hope.

Have I ever experienced any of those things?  I have experienced ALL of them.  But not to the degree of that they live in daily.

And so today, on Thanksgiving,  I have so much to be thankful for, my Jesus, my family, my home, my car, my everything.  The list could make you sit here for a good hour reading it and I would still not have put everything on it.

BUT I am specially thankful for the privilege of of knowing these people.  Not because it makes me happy I am not in their world, but I am thankful they bring so much to mine.  For in the midst of their suffering, hopelessness, anger, sorrow,  they smile... a genuine smile.  They teach me something no one else can.  They are happy to see me. So happy to have someone talk to them as equals.  So happy to have someone listen.  So happy to sit for a while where we both leave our worlds behind and just enjoy this minute, with each other.

I am thankful for the mean, ugly, volitale world out there, because I realize that when Christians leave their own world and walk into this one, Jesus shows up.

Every. Single. Time.

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