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Tuesday, November 1, 2011



 ~You bring birthdays.

Like this child of mine will become a teenager in 18 days.

And The Love of My Life also has a birthday... at the end of the month.

(notice the running theme , mainly SLEEPING, of the men in my home.  :P )

~You let my daughter fulfill her dream of running the NYC marathon.

~You bring my favorite holiday.

~ You prepare the way for the crazy season, which in its own way, is delightful.

~ You show us beauty beyond reason.

~ You dump that beauty for us to clean up, in about 3 days.

~ You allow us to wear our favorite sweater, light our Yankee Candles, have the fireplace going, sip hot cocoa, tea, hot cider, and it is all nostalgically new again, not like when it is Feb./March and we are sick of our sweaters and freezing all the time.  And if we have to drink one more cup of tea to warm up...

~ You remind us that the end of the year is right around the corner, and have we wasted away our year, instead of enjoyed the life out of it.

~ You remind us that we are a good nation, regardless of all our faults.  And we have many.  And many more waiting for their chance to 'shine.'

Black Friday.  Enough said.

You are my favorite month.

Good to see you again.  

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