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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

This is my son. Well, one of them.   :D

He is 12.

A few weeks ago, I felt compelled to encourage my son to do a fast.

And as I was praying about it, before I went to him with it, I thought maybe, that if agrees to do this, then I would do it along side him.

He agreed and we decided that August 1 was going to be our starting date.

We are both pretty excited about it, and at the same time, we know it will be hard.

What is the fast, you ask?

We are going to not listen to ANY secular music for ONE year.

I KNOW!!!!

I love my country music, my U2, The Killers, well I could make a list that is way too long.  He has just discovered his music likes, and is willing to put it on hold for a year.

I just discovered a new favorite song.  ( If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

Oh well.  


He did request one day off.  And I agree.  I told him I would take the same day off.  

The day he runs his first 8K, and I do yet another 1/2 marathon.

Our day off.  It is next Spring.

On other news, have I mentioned that our gand-baby-boy is just so beautiful in so many ways.  He just doesn't stop being beautiful.

He can't help it.

The kids and I wne to Cape Cod for a few days to visit my sister.  She lives right near what they call a 'pond' which is bigger then a few lakes.

And here is my son,  I don't know why he is so whacky, but he is.  I will keep him anyway.  

OK, the family is jumping around like maniacs, I should go watch the Mets win.

1 comment:

Lori said...

First of all, you are doing a half-marathon?? I can't even run half-way to my mail box anymore. It's very sad.

I admire your fast...although I'd have to pick something else to fast from. Secular music just is not a weakness for me. I never listen to it voluntarily. Although...there are a ton of songs from the past that I still know every word to and will readily sing along to, given the opportunity.

Now, fasting from coffee or Pepsi...gasp...that would be a sacrifice for me. Hugely.

I love hearing about your grandbaby!!! What a joy he must be to you!!!