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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hurry Up and Say Something.

I found this somewhere.  

It hit me hard.

And truly, Mom could be substituted quite easily.

I have seen this be the case WAY TO MANY times.

And can someone explain to me how this happens?  When did we become so self righteous as Christians, that we can deem who is worthy of our love??  And the moment we start this thinking, we truly become grumpy.  Mean.  Hateful.

Useless to the kingdon.  

Dear readers, I pray this never happens to any of us.

On another note...

Who needs to buy a gun, when your own garden can provide weapons.

REALLY??!!??!  Who grows a gun-shaped zuccinni??!!??!

Me.  :P


We had a garage sale this past Saturday.  I am truly fascinated by people.  The vast array of people who stopped and bought, or didn't buy... WOW!!!

Thinking about it...it still cracks me up.  My daughter & I were very amused.  Like the British lady, who is from Manchester, but doesn't watch soccer.  Or the guys who jumped out the car before it had a chance to stop.  And how about them Egyptians??  Or the Indian couple who were so delightful, and in whom the husband was wanting to buy this crystal horse, and his wife said no.   Only he came back and got it anyway.  Who can say no to a dollar?  I mean, if you regret the decision...it was a dollar for crying out loud!!!

And hey, how about the Haitian lady who almost bought us out.  Thankfully.  

And yes, how could we forget my nieces stopping by, and Alexis wrestling with the Ab-Master, and never really figuring out how to use it.  

It almost eat her.  

For lunch.

And to end this long enough post, that beautiful boy who calls himself my grandson...(did I mention he is beautiful?  He is.)

Well he & my mom have this long standing relationship.  She talks and he cracks up.  Everytime.  Not smile, not make funny noises.  C.r.a.c.k.s-u.p.

It works for both of them.

We are off on vacation back to MV on Saturday.  Oh the drama. lol.  

There shouldn't be drama for vacation.

Should there??

1 comment:

Lori said...

The cartoon...OUCH. But all-too true. I need to tape that to my forehead so not to forget it.

Garage sale shoppers are hugely eclectic, aren't they? I love to people-watch and a garage sale brings a lot of human entertainment! I love your descriptions of some of your shoppers! Funny!