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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back from vacation

We are back...from vacation.  

 The house we were able to rent this year was pretty cool.  It had that cabin feel to it, Seeing as how it was all wood inside.

Someone loved exploring all the rooms that first day.

And...hey, life is just so much more interesting when you put your glasses on.

Those glasses made their rounds on EVERYONE.

I will post more pictures and adventures later.  But my son in law thought it would be a cool idea to buy this puzzle of the island and spend the whole week doing it together.

We did it in less then 24 hours.  Puzzles are terribly addicting.  And when the whole family gets involved...forget it.  
It was cool though, we used it for directions and ideas.

I was really not looking forward to the end of this vacation.  Not because I didn't want to come home... I missed my puppies and routine of home in general.

But this year, the end of vacation meant that that beautiful baby boy and his parents, also known as my grandson, daughter & son in law, were leaving for VA Beach for his last year of law school.  It is hard, having that baby boy for 3 months, and now he is gone.  :(

And now it is time to open those boxes.  You know...the ones that have your school year.  The ones that used to be fun to open, back when the older kids were little.  Now it is exhausting to think of planning the next school year.  

But no.  

Ok, it may be exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

SO, off to open the boxes, even though they have been sitting here for over a month.  :P  Off to plan lessons, trips, extra credit, look forward to teaching one peanut to read, and the other one to tackle algebra 1/2.  

Its' good to be home.

Kind of.

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Debz said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Looks like you'e been a busy momma, taking full advantage of the rest of your summer vacay! Thought I'd poke my nose in and see if you were doing ok with Irene on the radar....praying for your family.