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Friday, August 5, 2011


I was talking to this young man I know, and he asked if he gave something up, would GOD give it back to him.

Of course, I couldn't believe that the only way he was willing to give something up was hoping/having some kind of guarantee that he would get it back.  I mean...come on.

He told me that GOD gave Abraham his son back, it was just a test.

To which I replied, " Abraham walked up that mountain fully knowing in his mind, heart and soul that he was going to come down by himself. There was no doubt in him, for he was grieved, yet fully obedient."

Someone pat me on the back.

But then I got to thinking about me.


How many times have I walked up the mountain, and have already figured out all the possible ways GOD could change His mind for my will?

How many times have I walked up a mountain, and looked for my goat?

How many times have a walked past the mountain, making believe it was not there, even though it was as big as....a mountain?  I thought maybe if I went around it, I could avoid it.

WAY too many times.

Even though I know the Sunday School answer, I need to start walking the everyday walk of what I believe.

Will it be easy?


Will it be painful?


Will it be good?


So, GOD has put my favorite people in the whole wide world, the youth of our lives, to remind me, I am but a babe, trying to make believe I am a giant.

HE is so good to me.

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Kathy C. said...

I needed that. Isn't it just like God that this is the first time I've decided to "read blogs" for over a month? Thank you my friend.