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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Dogs Do Not Wish to Have These Days Named After Them Summer

It is hot.

In fact, it is so hot, it is insulting to all those hot days we have had, to call this hot.

It is sweltering, disgusting, hot, humid, I-am-melting-before-my-very-eyes 100+ degree weather.

And today is no different.  I think we are looking at 103.

Remember that community garden plot we have?  I have been enjoying it very much.  Except this week.  Who wants to go and water that thing, in full sun, in 92 degree by 8am weather??


The dogs don't even move.  They just plop down and give me that look, as though I made this happen.

And have I mentioned I do not have central air?  Because I don't.

Never mind that the love of my life is a contractor.  We will not talk about that.

Nope.  We won't.


Today, the son of one of my dear friends is getting married.  ( outside)  It is odd, to be in that time of your life when your kids' friends are getting married.  I know that I should be okay with it seeing as how my daughter got married 2 years ago.  And I am a grandmother.  <3  But it is still a weird feeling.  Like...I am not in my 30s anymore, even though I still feel like it.

I am looking forward to this wedding.  The two of them are so perfect for each other.  You can't slap the grins off their faces, if you tried.  And this started the day they met years ago.

The only bummer thing about today is...that he is marrying a hispanic girl ( woo-hoo!!!) whose parents came here to America for the wedding.  I am translating the ceremony ( woo-hoo!!)  but I still have this crummy summer head cold. ( not woo-hoo) So hopefully, I can still think fast on my feet even though my head is cottony.  :P  Pray it goes really well.

And now...off to the garden before the wedding.  To water my dying, we surrender under this heat plants.  And be back to shower all the sweat ( I better lose some weight because of this) off.

GOD is good.   All the time.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Okay, the wedding sounds absolutely charming and wonderful!! I love that you are translating. You lucky duck that you are bilingual!

And seriously, no central air?? Do you at least have a window unit you can perch yourself on?

You must come over immediately. Bring something delicious from your garden (even if it's wilted from the heat) and we will make us the bestest omelet known to man.

Have a glorious day, my friend!!

And stay COOL!!