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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Survived.


This is Chloe & me at the Rocky statue.

Have I ever told you I *heart* Rocky?  Very much.

And even though I was still flu-ish sick and miserable and was hoping to fool my body into thinking this may be a good idea, but it didn't go for it, I was so very happy to have this picture taken.

My daughter and I before the race.

I didn't finish.  

In fact, as I was on the starting line up, I was exhausted and thirsty and wonder WHY AM I DOING THIS??!!?

But off I went.  I told John to meet me at the 6 mile marker because I thought if I did 6 miles, I would be happy.  That was going to be my personal goal.

He forgot, and 'they' took the markers down.

I did 9.

Totally by default.

And my ankle thought I was being stupid and decided to tell me about it.  And it was loud & clear.

Anyway, I survived.  

And Chloe did great!! She finished and when she was done, she looked great!!

I was very proud of her.  As was John & Josiah.

And now I am starting to feel okay.  A day late and a dollar short.


Lori said...

Nine miles???

Girl, that is amazing!! I'm so proud of you!

I think I moved all of about .02 miles on Saturday.

Hurray for me!

And the pic is super great! Such cute girls! :) And not a bad looking Rocky either!

Becky said...

Man, I would have used a hangnail as an excuse not to run ... a hangnail on my husband's pinky finger in fact.

You'd better get some rest.