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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Samuel is in PA for the week spending time with my sister before school starts.

This boy has always loved my sister, even when he was about 5 months.  She could calm him down like no other.  There is a special bond with them, and it is so neat.

Of course, to add icing to the cake, Stephen, his favorite person in the whole wide world is there too.  

Life is good.

Yet, her son Wesley is here with us for the week.  

SO, here are the numbers.

Total age for the girls in this home ( Elly and myself) = 46.

Total age for the boys ( John, Lance & Wesley) = 90.


Someone send over your daughter, niece, aunt, GRANDMOTHER.

We need her.

Trust me.  The conversations around the dinner table...

Yeah, send her over.

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Chloƫ said...

Your not counting Shelby Girl and Fat Shirley! I don't think they would appreciate that...