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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Run Guys, Run

(Warning: LOADS of pictures)( Click to view larger)

So in all the excitement for Chloe's first marathon, and being nervous about my knees blowing out in doing my 13.1 miles, I can't believe I TOTALLY forgot to mention, Samuel is also running!

He did his final mile there. He ran 25.2 miles here at home. He has been at it since last October. Actually I think he did way more, but that's not the point. His race was Saturday.

On the way to his run. It was his day. His alone, and I was glad we got to concentrate on him alone.

He got nervous and was fighting butterflies right before it started.

He did GREAT!! He had a personal best that was over a minute faster then his fastest. Sister was so proud of him. (He kind of collapsed on Elly's stroller.)

Free Jody's pop corn & his medal. Does it get any better?

His daddy was so proud of him, he was about 6 inches taller. :)

Is it night time?

What are my little ones doing out so late at night???

Oh wait, it is 5am, Sunday and time to go to our race.

And what were we thinking??????

Quite a few men running in kilts. Should John ever run this, I think he should were his family's tartan. :)

SHE DID IT!!!! We were so proud of her!! Josiah put the medal on her. He was also 6 inches taller. Maybe even 7. :)

Yes, I also finished my first 1/2 marathon. I finished before I every imagined. I thought I was going to fall. Several times. My knees are STILL not talking to me.

And what was Elly doing during all this time??

Enjoying her first car ride with the windows open. She thought this is the NEW best thing that has happened to her!!

And of course, keep up her job of being a cutie-pie.


Lori said...

Woo hoo!! That's so great that you all did so well!

Sorry about your knees. Yikes, that's painful!!

Becky said...

Well congratulations! Well done! I am so proud of you and Chloe.

As for me doing this with you ... ARE YOU NUTS! Apparently YES, you are nuts. You did it. I didn't.

Actually I'd love to do it. I am not sure that my feet would last. I have horrible feet. But I can do 3 miles on a regular basis so maybe it would be doable. First ... a 5K.

Chloƫ said...

What a great weekend. Now our knees could somehow agree, then we'd be golden. :)

McNew Family said...

Congrats, girls! Job well done!!!! Loved catching up on you guys - looks like everything is going charmingly! Thanks for checking in with us!

Mishel said...

I know I am WAY late commmenting on this, but....I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! : )

And I love all the pics...and had to laugh at the guys wearing kilts, because Zach has often said he wants to get married in a kilt made with the family (Ferguson) tartan. I always tell him it's going to take a very special girl to be ok with that! LOL