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Friday, September 24, 2010

Train Up A Child...

This morning when my daughter came into my room to wake me up, ( yes, early mornings belong to her & her morning-person daddy) she greeted me with a " Good morning momma.  Read your Bible." And then she sat next to me and waited, holding her stuffed monkey.   Yes she sat quietly for over 20 minutes. After I finished, she wanted to pray with me.

See, she knows that's what you do.  Before anything else, wake up to HIS Word.  Prepare your day by making time with your King.

When she first came, we decided John would get her when she woke up because really, he was the one who was already up at 6am.  All cheerful and ready to go.  :P  Give me a half hour more honey.

When they came to wake me up, she was ready for breakfast and life.  It took a few days for her to understand she needed to wait for the First Thing.

One day soon, when she learns to read by her self, this will become her reality.

Because it is what you do.

SO, after morning reading & prayer, she held up her monkey and we had this conversation:

Elly: Momma, who got me Lilly monkey?

Me : I got it for you, Baby.

Elly:  Did you get it at Target??

Me: No baby, I got it at Lilly.

Elly:  You did a good job. momma.  ( with her little thumb to show her true approval.)

So see, she is learning to love GOD's Word, she knows Target is the place to go for anything, and when you need to splurge a little, Lilly is your guilty pleasure.

Okay, the last one needs some changing, the second is semi-true, but the first is Rock Solid.

1 comment:

Becky said...

Excellent lessons ... and I am not arguing with her on number 2 either. Target toally rocks.