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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weekend I...

I will show & tell you what this weekend entailed!

And join us with the fun over at Becky's!

Keys to the Cottage

This weekend I...

Got our own Jersey girl...

ready to go into the City.

For a quick stop to the Museum.

and then off to the Central Park playground.

And on Monday, I realized this child has been hanging around her brother too long.  LOL  Look at her hand.

Family & friends out for a hike.  Elly loved her walking stick.  She didn't know what to do with it, but she loved it.

My son being ever so gentle in trying to dry off a butterfly.


~ scrubbed my floors.

~ cleaned my house.

~ ignored the laundry completely.

~ was blessed by the church GOd has allowed me to be a part of.

~ stayed up way too late every night.


Becky said...

Hahahaha ... I love Elly's trigger finger. And ignoring the laundry on a 3 day weekend ... perfect! Looks like fun in every way. Your Jersey Girl is such a cutie pie. I know your family cannot even imagine life without her at this point.

Lori said...

Love that Jersey Girl! Too stinkin' cute!

And the gun-in-hand...so funny! I have a feeling she's going to need to that once boys start to notice how gorgeous she is!

I scrubbed my floors this weekend too!! It feels soooo good to have that done, doesn't it? I swear I'm NOT going to let them go so long ever again. I said that last time too but this time I really mean it. Really, I do.

Looks like you had a super fun weekend!