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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend-ing

We had a picnic. It was a college graduation celebration for our son. Except I forgot to take a picture of him. :p

I mean, I have one, but you can hardly see his face.


But we have other pictures!!! And here they are! In no particular order because I am too tired to fix it.

(click picture to see bigger)
Elly swinging on the tire swing with her pink balloon. She is in love, and pink balloons are her first true love. Well, maybe second after her daddy.

A serious game of wiffle ball was afoot. Evidently, it was intense.

The Deluxe Peanut Gallery, on the trampoline.

My almost 45 year old husband with our 22 year old nephew, trying to compete for the ' I am way cooler then you" award. Duh

John pulled out his shuttlecock hacky sack from China, and they tried to play. He was quite frustrated that he couldn't do it like the little old chinese ladies at the park. They made it look easy and they were so graceful. Graceful is not the word I would have used watching these guys!1 lol.

And look who came from Va Beach for the weekend!!! yAy!!

At the diner, because it is Jersey.

At South Street Seaport the next day after church. :)

Sisters... together again.

Picking the first mulberries of the season! Yum.

Wading the water in Clinton. Elly's first time and she loved it.

And last but not least, Elly got a lesson in bowing and saying thank you. From her ballet dancing sister.

And so, thank you for reading. :)

1 comment:

Debz said...

Looks like a perfect weekend!
Congrats to your boy on his graduation!
So mulberry trees can get that tall?! I just planted on in our front yard close to a brick walkway...really close....perhaps I should move it back a little...or a lot!