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Monday, June 7, 2010

This Weekend I...

I decided to Join Becky ( who is fabulous) over at keys to the cottage in...

Keys to the Cottage

~ went to a funeral mass

~went to a high school graduation party

~NAPPED for the first time in years

~heard a sermon that moved me to tears

~had to sit between my children during service to stop the madness

~started writing a writing program for a young man I am tutoring this summer

~ went to BJs

~ had dinner at my parents

~took out a blanket to stay warm at night.

~ cleaned up the garbage that was all over the kitchen when we got home. Thank you puppies.


Chloƫ said...

It's June! You're still using blankets??

It was so hot here this weekend, that we had the ac on non-stop. The humidity may actually kill me.

Robin said...

We are still in blanket season too!
And I clearly remember the days I had to sit between the children at church. My husband is the pastor so I was on my own with four little girls. Whew! I made it - two of those little girls now have little ones of their own and I still sit between them at church!

Lori said...

What a fun post! I may borrow this idea. :)

Love that you needed a blanket in June and that you heard a good sermon. Two very great things!!

Oh and the fact that you had to sit between your children to stop the madness makes me love you even more than I thought. LOL.

Becky said...

A blanket ... how devine!

And a funeral and a graduation in the same weekend. Such a dichotomy of life. I'm sorry for your loss.

I am so glad that you joined in. I can't think of an easier post can you? It just makes me happy to see you had time to do it.

Have a great week, Maddie!

(FYI .... the word verification on your comments is "rested". Cool, eh?)

cheri said...

What a blessing that you are able to have dinner at your parents. I still can have dinner at my folks house too...if I cook.:)

Wish I could share some of our heat with you - it was 90 here the other day.

Karen said...

Those puppies! We have one, too, so I can relate to the garbage all over:(

It sounds like an emotion filled weekend. I love the saying in your header.

Kathy C. said...

What's a blanket?

LOL Kidding!

It's so super hot here, and HUMID! Though I must have the air down just so I can have a blanket on me for coziness, lol.

Sounds like busy weekend my dear, glad you took a nap...aren't they wonderful? :)