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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy Life

We are Hispanic. And when I say we, I mean my side of the family. John's side has no hispanic blood. Or personality. No hispanic personality, not no personality. Though a few of his relatives....NEVER MIND, Let's move on.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, we love to celebrate. We can have a gathering for any reason. Alot of my friends don't get that, and that's okay. and all we really need to celebrate is family, but friends are always welcomed.

And when we have a real reason to celebrate, we do what it takes to make it happen.

So on Sunday we made the 8+ hour round trip drive in one day to MA to go see our nephew graduate college!!!! Yes we were up at 5am and got home at almost 1am, but like I said, how could we miss it?

(Click pictures to enlarge)
And there is it!!

My sister & our baby girls. I am trying to show off the program, which clued us in as to how long it was going to be by the amount of pages it had in it. It was long.

Is this where you take the picture, momma?

Stevie & Samuel barely survived the hours of speeches. This was really their faces when we got up.

The 2 college graduates!!! yAy!!

We took a picture of the grandsons. My mom wanted one and when she sees Samuel's face, she will throw a fit, and then she will remember it is her crazy one, and then she will lecture him, and then she will move on.

Here is Wesley and his siblings Elizzi & Stevie. And if you look carefully at the bottom of where Stevie is, you will notice someone's head.

Because she believe's it is her job to be in EVERY picture.


Lori said...

Ok, your first paragraph totally cracked me up. As did the faces of S & S after enduring the graduation.

I am in the category of not 'getting' the whole 'celebrating every event with a family gathering' thing. I avoid family get-togethers at all costs. Though truly, I do love my family very much. Really, I do. I just prefer to only see them on a limited bases.

Wow, I sound really cold and heartless. And I sure hope my mother doesn't see this comment.

Chloƫ said...

Stephen's face actually scares me, LOL.

And it IS her job to be in every picture. DUH, Mom.

Kathy C. said...

Wow! That is a LONG day, lol...great photos... You have beautiful family my friend.
I've missed reading my favorite blogs while we were out of town, but trying to catch up a bit now that we're back! ;)