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Thursday, May 21, 2009


One of my best dearest friends has this son.

He is a great kid.

He & Chloe are the same age and they grew up together. And they graduated in the same class of *19* kids. (this is a big number for NJ homeschoolers)

They are like cousins. They laugh, joke, fight, that Jersey sarcasm is well grounded in both of them and they use it well...specially on each other. Though I have to say they have mellow out on that one. Slightly.

Dan is incredibly talented in many areas. And of all of them, photography, I believe, is his best.

We hired him to do the wedding, but as an engagement gift, he decided he would do their engagement pictures also.

Here are the results.

Josiah & Chloe

He graduated this year with a major in History. Go figure.lol.


Gena said...

He is an awesome photographer and those were such beautiful pictures. Your daughter is gorgeous and those photos were just so touching - I loved their faces. You can see the love they have for each other. Simply incredible.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Becky said...

Beautiful photos. What a sweet couple.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What precious photos!

And hey, watch your talk about history majors! LOL I'm one of them too. (don't laugh)