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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Now, I can't ever say I have never been south of DC anymore.

We took that 16 hour round trip in 3 days to VA Beach, these last few days. We went to check out my daughter's future home.

It's far.

And nobody told me about this bridge. Have I ever mentioned I don't really get along with bridges too well?


They freak me out and give me panic attacks. Sometimes John drives 20 minutes out of the way to avoid a bridge for me.

Well we had to go on this bridge that lasted FOREVER!!

Yes, it is a freaky as it looks. And thats not the worst of it. In the middle of it all, you go through this tunnel that is as wide as the width of 2 trucks and no more. TWICE. And there are 2 lanes. And you can't go slower then 45MPH. And 18 wheelers book on that thing. The opposite direction. And then you get out alive, AND YOU ARE STILL ON THE BRIDGE!

Okay, I need to move on.

Anyway, Josiah is going to law school at Regent.

When we showed up, they had the cupola off!! It was quite sad looking. But it won't be for long. I'm sure it will go back on and look as nice and stately it's suppose to...

So we went to Colonial Williamsburg. At night. As we walked by this pay phone, Samuel seriously said "What's that?" You see, there are no pay phones in NJ. They have been gone for a long time. My youngest son is part of that generation who is amazed at dumb things. Like extinct payphones.

And Chloe and Josiah at the sign. She was slightly skeeved because there were bugs on the sign. The village was really cool. I would love to go back there are explore it for days. There is so much to see!

And of course we had to go to the beach. Pose with Neptune, who looks like he is playing basketball with a turtle. But it was cool, non the less.

This is going to be my daughter and her future husband's home. I think they will enjoy it. I pray they are happy here.


Becky said...

It does always amaze me that someone who seems so far away is reachable with a day of driving. And the world is so much smaller than it used to be, with email and facebook and cellphones and blogs.

And did I ever tell you I have a pathological fear of bridges. I too, cannot navigate a bridge like that one without a pretty decent panic attack. Oh, my. There is one HUGE HIGH bride in Jacksonville that does me in. And going to Key West is NO FUN at all. A seven mile bridge. Seven miles is a length that should not be over water.


Gena said...

So, I did read your entire post. However, I could not get past the bridge part. I, too, am terrified of bridges like that and am also claustrophobic. I know that bridge - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel? I literally had a panic attack when we went over/under that thing and we chose to take the ferry back. I HATED IT. I'm so glad you survived it and had a good trip.

The pay phone incident cracked me up by the way.