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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


(warning....WAY too many pictures)

We went to Gettysburg for a few days.

I have a son who is a Civil War nut.  How much of a CW nut is he?  He is 9, but when we went to a gift store, he saw a t-shirt that said "Civil War Nut's wife" on it and he was so excited, and said " Mom! I have to get that for my wife!!"  


Anyway, his favorite hero of the Civil War is Thomas Jackson. (AKA Stonewall)  So, that being the case, he understands the evil of slavery, and like his hero, hates the institution, but will always choose the confederate side non the less.

We were a part of a program.  He played the Confederate States side, seeing as how he came dressed that way, and I couldn't get him to change for DAYS, so he had to surrender.

 Afterwards, we went to a friend's dad farm 2 block from the battle fields.  They had a great time on the farm.

How much do you want to bet his precious mind was imagining riding next to Jackson on one battle or another?

NY Irish Brigade monument.  It was figured out, Samuel was probably the most Irish in the group.  Which is hilarious if you happen to notice his coloring.  Everyone was part Irish somewhere.  Both sets of grandparents on his daddy's side came off the boat.  He really is 1/2.  ROFL.

As cool and adventurous war seems to my 9 year old, I pray one day he realizes that it is not as romantic or neat as his mind makes it out to be, but how awful, desperate and heart-breaking it really is.  Though many times, necessary.

Not understanding why no one else, except a 2 year old, wants to be a confederate.

Marching the Ironside Brigade.  ( PS we were with a group of homeschoolers)

Sniper at Devils Den.

Gettysburg was an amazing place were we learn so much more then from books & movies.  You can stand next to a battle field,  look out in quiteness, and as the breeze flows, you can feel the terror and heroism, hear the battle, see the men, and walk away a different person.  

To give you an impact of the place:  51,000 Americans died (KIA or WIA which was a death sentence at the time) in 3 days there.  58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War. 

Loving our nation and its rich history.

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I've got a history nut too...but she changes as we move through the different periods, so, that's fun too.

I love these pictures and look forward to someday making a NE vacation with my history buffs.

You threw me with your name change, too. That's a nice sentiment; she must be a wonderful woman.