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Friday, October 24, 2008


So, we have this great flat screen HD tv. One would think we watch it all the time.

We don't.

In fact we hardly ever watch tv. We put it in the back corner of our unfinished basement. Unless we REALLY want to watch something, and I mean REALLY, we don't.

We have loads of movies too. But we don't really watch them either.

I hear friends talk about how irritating the political commercials are; I have yet to see one. I hear about all the reality shows....I can't even tell you what day they are on. My favourite shows are Monk, Psych & House. We buy the seasons and I watch them when I throw my back out and have to lay down for 8 days.

The one reason we have this tv is for football. Have I mentioned how much I love football? I totally make the effort in order to watch football.

Steelers are my favourite team. Giants are my next favourite.

They play each other on Sunday.


I am tempted to go hang out in the city or Princeton instead, and just hear the score when its over.

But I doubt I could pull myself away.

I need a life. A better one.......

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