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Monday, October 20, 2008

Theres a chill in the air.

There was frost on the windows of the car this morning!!!!!!


:::deeply sighning::::

Okay.....change of heart ( by force) I am going to rejoice anyway.  

This weekend started the never ending chore of raking.  Some of our trees haven't even turned yet!  Notice John.  In the middle of raking, he threw himself down and enjoyed the beautiful crisp blue sky.  I was there too, and I must say, it was something to behold.

I got up and continued the chore, but we raked around him....

And they finally turned the heat on at church.  Last week, I heard a few teeth chattering.  The weather changes so much at the beginning of this month, its hard to heat/cool off a large building just right.  

Hoops called last night.  I heard Samuel exclaim. " You're in the pool??!?"  Hoops is in Arizona visiting a friend.  Yeah.  He said it was low 80s last night.  Just beautiful as far as the eyes can see.  

Speaking of Hoops, this was taken a few days before he left.  It cracks me up.  Thats about 75 pounds worth of beagle on his lap.  lol.

And so, another week has begun.  May we bless HIM with our time, efforts, and our attitude towards each other.



It is still very warm where we live. The leaves are even thinking about falling. They are bearly even a change in color. It will be January before the leaves fall from the tree in our front yard.

The beagles are very pretty. My daughter in law has one and he is always barking.lol

Have a great day!!! connie from Texas

Mishel said...

I know I'd feel differently if I actually lived someplace where I *had* to rake leaves...but I'd like to do it just once! Here in the desert we rake (with a special landscape rake) our dirt! No kidding!

Blessings to you!

Becky said...

Well, as you know, I'd love me some fall.

I also love that pic of the napping loved ones. That is adorable.