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Monday, July 14, 2008

So, how exhausting is vacation??  LOL.  But totally worth it.

We rented a house in Hyannis, and it was in just the right spot.It was a house down and cross the street to the bay & shore.

The water was ridiculously warm, but we are not complaining.

Hoops in the bay, JKF memorial beach behind him.

John & Samuel building ....something.

Of course we had to go see the Hyannis METS!!  Both Chloe & Samuel wore all their Mets stuff.  And we had great seats.  For $2.  Its was a great game, and I can't wait a few years to see some of these guys in the Majors.

Taking a train ride to see all of Cape Cod.  I think if we rode our bikes we would have done it faster, but it was fun, none the less.

Chloe & I sent the guys deep sea fishing for the day, so we could go shopping. 
Here is Hoops, with one of his contributions to dinner.

JFK museum

Back to deep sea fishing, though the picture is a set-up, I think its hilarious!!

On the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  I could move there tomorrow.

It was wicked windy.

PS we passed the Hannah Boyden, which is the sister boat the Andrea Gail.  If you have read the book or have seen the movie "The Perfect Storm" you know what I mean.

We rented mopeds to scoot around Martha's Vineyard.  Way cool!!

Hoops has Samuel, if you look behind them, you can see Josiah and Chloe bringing up the back.

You may not know, but Oaks Bluff in MV is a Methodist Campground.  

And look at the sermon schedule!!!! Indeed....... What Would Jesus Buy?????

When the Methodist first got there for the tent revivals, they set up tents for living in, then they built gingerbread houses.  Very cute.

The sign to the campground and the gingerbread houses.

The lighthouse at Edgartown.  I love Edgartown, its just what you imagine a New England little town to be, breath taking, charming with its lovely homes and narrow streets.

Jumping off the bridge.  Which unlike NJ, was not illegal.  Right to left, Josiah, Chloe, Hoops, John who eventually jumped, but not without panicking just slightly, and if you look on the bottom of the bridge, Samuel, who jumped a split second after the gang.  As you can see, I took the picture.  I am no fool.  In fact, so as not to be encouraged onto the bridge ( as if that would work) I didn't even have a bathing suit on.  

Looking for shrimp .

Clamming on the bay.

Finding clams.

This is the pathway we had to take to get from our house to the shore.  It was so cool. This is the last time we took it because we were on our way home the next day.

We are back home, and thankful to have gone, and thankful to be back.

We went to this little Baptist church while we were there.  I think there were about 25 people including the 6 of us, but it was one of the bets sermons I have heard.  One I needed to hear.  Basically, his message was,  If you want to be like Jesus, get your face on the ground, for the Glory of God is found when you are on the ground, not lifted up.  Which is why Jesus washed the feet. Okay, so he said it much better, but it has stayed with me.  So, off to get on the ground.


Becky said...

I loved all thses wonderful pictures. I have never been to all of these places but always have wanted to go. We visited Boston a couple of years ago and went up the Maine coastline to Bar Harbo. It was all so beautiful and charming. Quaint little hamlets with lighthouses and church steeples, wonderful seafood and "wicked" breezes as you say. Lovely!

Thanks for sharing all of that. I just love that area of the country.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

Hello my long lost Madeleine! I am SO glad you stopped by my blogola!

Wow, that looks like a FUN trip-- although there is no way I'd be jumping off that bridge either. Didn't their momma teach them anything? Y'know, if all your friends jumped off a bridge/cliff/roof, would you? Yeah, well I take that lesson to heart! LOL

Welcome home sweet home!

Mishel said...

I loved when you said, "It was *wicked* windy". It made me think of my bestest friend, Beth. She's from Maine (currently living in Virginia). She always says "wicked". : ) Glad you had a great time!