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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hate to paint

This last week here in Jersey, we have had these wonderful thunder storms for days.  As we haven't had enough rain lately, we are all thankful for every drop that came down.

And since we were kind of "stuck" inside, I decided it was time to paint the hallway going up to the kids' bedrooms.

Its been white this whole time, and as my culture demands,  it was driving me CRAZY.

So I painted the bottom part a color that won't show the dirt that comes with having kids.

 Then I realized I didn't want to put a border on because they are a pain to take off, and I didn't want to do the wood thing because, well, I just didn't, and so I told the kids an idea I had, gave them paint, and told them to have at it. 

This is the result.

I have to say, its cuter then I thought it was going to be.  And its fun.  And colorful.  And the kids are so proud of themselves.  Well, at least Chloe & Samuel.  Lance didn't participate, he was working.  And when John called me to ask something, then asked what we were all doing, he was a bit concerned when I told him all the colors we were using.  He couldn't wrap his head around 6 different colors.  He was almost afraid to come home.

He likes it too!!

And so, as much as I hate to paint, and I REALLY HATE TO PAINT, I am always glad with the final results. 

So tomorrow I am going to paint the landing. 


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bumblebeebags said...

that is absolutely beautiful. I love that idea!