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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to Life

Its been so lovely-ish not having any "responsibilities".  I mean other then laundry, cooking cleaning, gardening & grocery shopping.  You know, the basic mom stuff.

But now, its back to work.  Today, I start getting the plan mapped out and organized for next school year.  4th grade is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!  And I am so blessed to be doing it again.

And back to getting those 13 MORE documents for the adoption.  Just when we thought we were done.  HAHA .  Nope.   But its all good, and all worth it.  We keep getting these children for us to look at, but not able to pick yet because we are not doing with everything.  How frustrating is that? VERY.  I am not rightly sure why they send us these pictures, but we do get to pray for those babies and their future families.

And of course, back to vet appointments, orthodontist, dentist, doctors,  the summer painting projects, house projects, and well, life.

But its good! 

And I am thankful.


Becky said...

I have always loved the new planner, new calendar phase of life. It is one thing I miss since retiring from teaching.

bumblebeebags said...

what dedication you have...your children will be mightly blessed because of it!

Mishel said...

Is it already time to think about the upcoming school year?! I guess so, being that it's the middle of July. I better get busy! : )