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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smarty Pants Club

Chloe got inducted into the Smarty Pants Club at her college last night.  It actually has a more dignified name, but I keep forgetting what it is.

She was voted as Vice President for the next year.

Here she is after the awards ceremony.  They gave everyone a white rose & a candle. It has significant meaning.  I forget what it was.

Chloe & Samuel.  

Chloe & Her dear friends from high school years. AnnMarie is such a joyfilled child.  I am glad they are friends.

So, I understand that the Smarty Pants Club is quite serious, and am so glad my daughter is a part of it.  :)


Anonymous said...
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Gena said...

Congratulations to Chloe! That is a great honor. I can see she is having fun with her new role as VP!