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Friday, April 4, 2008


Do you have a sleeper in the house? 

I do.  Chloe is my sleeper.  Since she was little, she loves to sleep.  That has never changed.  I always told John, if this dear child of ours ever is blessed with a husband ( not that I don;t think she will, but I am  more in the camp of "never decide God's plan for our children's lives")  We need to tell her dear husband what a crank she is when she is woken up from her favorite thing in the world.  We will tell him after the I dos. lol.  Not to say she is lazy.  She is not.  She is actually my busy bee.  But she does love her sleep.

Samuel on the other hand is the complete and total opposite.

He was 6 weeks old when he decided that he only needed a 20 minute nap in the middle of the day.  And THATS IT.  This is after falling asleep at 2am, and waking up at 7:30 am.  

I took him to the doctors in tears, begging for her to do something to fix him.  After some tests, it was concluded that some babies just don't need as much sleep as others.   As long as they are growing normal, acting normal,doing everything a baby should be doing.  


He is still a non sleeper.  So, on Wednesday, when he woke up at 7, went back to sleep at 9am and I finally woke him up at 6pm out of a deep sleep.  You know he is sick and fighting something.  I don't need to take his temperature.  I don't need to see a runny nose.  I just watch him sleep.

And it is so disturbing to me, I check on him about every 20 minutes.  It is such an unusual sight.

It was a 24 hour thing, for we are back to normal. 

I asked him one day, what he does in the dark of the night. He said, " I am thinking, mom"  He is 9.  How much can a 9 year old think about?????


HsKubes said...

So glad things are back to normal.
My eldest is our sleeper. She's busy, too, when she's awake but she does love to sleep. ;o)

Hope you have a great day!
~ Christina

Becky said...

My first born was like your Samuel, until he hit his teens. All three of my boys like to sleep more than anything now. And they keep the strangest hours.

bumblebeebags said...

my second son is my loving trial. he is always into something (usually things that he knows not to do) and the only time he is calm is when he is sick. he will just lay on the sofa with me and just be still all day. kinda makes me feel bad when i pray for a cold, lol!